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Tan Kian Por 陈 建坡

He is the Founder and President of Siaw Tao Art Society. The first Singaporean appointed Overseas honorary member (Xi-Leng Seal Carving and Painting Society, Hangzhou China 1994). Appointed as Specialist Panel member for Cultural Medallion and Young Artist Award (2002-2010) and also a member of the Art Advisor of the Canadian Art Council, USA (2004). Held his 11th Solo Art Exhibition in 2004 and is the recipient of The Cultural Medallion Award, Singapore (2001).In recognition of his art achievements, he was presented with contribution award by the Siaw Tao Art Society (2005),and was also featured in People of the Peak Who’s Who of Singapore (2002, 2006) and Singapore Encyclopedia (2006) by National Heritage Board.