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Chris Yap & Team

A group of photographers, led by multi-talented artist Chris Yap, is currently exhibiting nearly 30 landscape works at homes65. These works depict scenes of Singapore through thought-provoking lenses and show extraordinary creativity and skills in both composition and post-production effects. Those who appreciate the beauty and quality of life will certainly be able to cherish such contemplative works.

With the addition of Ernest Goh and Chris Yap & his photography
team’s works, this sums up homes65's focus on originality, design and concept of bringing art to life. This is the best gift we have in store for our
customers to own or present their loved ones with these works of art during the festive season. We look forward to presenting you with more works from other talented artists in the near future so you can enjoy the most artistic lifestyle!


One of the most fascinating styles, Retro represents an era and can be emulated according to different periods in the East and West. With the passing of time, it may be increasingly harder to find historical replicates for your theme. Thankfully, the essence of Retro is not so much as to reproduce carbon copies of a bygone era. Amalgamating key elements with new materials and finishes is both refreshing and reflecting of individualism.

Retro styling brings together bold patterns and colors into your home. If you enjoy large patterns, try using them on your walls with wallpaper, paint or murals.

Retro Furniture With Modern Finishes
When choosing furniture, there are two things more important than design – safety and comfort. If you are planning to upholster or refurbish authentic retro furniture, make sure there are no pre-existing conditions such as termites and bugs or decomposing wood and splinters. With the many options available for retro-inspired furniture with modern finishes, you may not have to put safety at risk.

For the same effect throughout your furniture, consider using bold fabrics and coordinating textiles such as rugs, and window treatments. Try and keep the bold patterns and colors within a few colors for the palette. Too many colors will make your room look scattered, and uninviting.

Faced with the space constraints of modern homes, take into consideration the functionalities of home accessories in addition to their visual appeal. For instance, a retro-looking phone and fan that are in working order are much more practical than those that don’t.