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Chris Yap & Team

A group of photographers, led by multi-talented artist Chris Yap, is currently exhibiting nearly 30 landscape works at homes65. These works depict scenes of Singapore through thought-provoking lenses and show extraordinary creativity and skills in both composition and post-production effects. Those who appreciate the beauty and quality of life will certainly be able to cherish such contemplative works.

With the addition of Ernest Goh and Chris Yap & his photography
team’s works, this sums up homes65's focus on originality, design and concept of bringing art to life. This is the best gift we have in store for our
customers to own or present their loved ones with these works of art during the festive season. We look forward to presenting you with more works from other talented artists in the near future so you can enjoy the most artistic lifestyle!


Everyone loves a good vacation and therein lies the attraction of Resort style interior design. Combining modern and tropical elements, a Resort home helps you feel relaxed and takes you away from the mundanity of daily life. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to the use of space, texture and colour. A cross between modern and tropical, a big component of the Resort style is ‘nature’. Think natural wind, plants, rain shower, stones and wood.

Open up your rooms with light coloured paints such as white, cream, beige, blue, pink, peach or green – all in the palest shade. Avoid darker colours as they tend to have an imposing feel which will contradict the unbridled atmosphere you want to create.

Furniture & Decor
Commonly termed as ‘outdoor’ furniture, these fittings are usually made of rattan and wicker and topped with plush cushions. You can also find simple wood designs that fit the theme for all your furniture. Alternatively, combine the two so you have the best of both worlds. Hanging wicker chairs and suspended sun loungers are signature pieces that can instantly transform you to vacation mood.

Don’t underestimate the treatment of windows if you are going for the Resort theme. Wooden blinds and shutters, as well as bamboo blinds, are commonly used in resorts to keep out strong winds and sunlight. Full-length glass walls and windows will greatly add to the appeal. For curtains, choose something light and sheer to allow light to permeate.

Island themed accessories such as lights and fans will help to keep your theme going. Throw pillows, floor cushions, colourful rugs and beanbags are also key essentials. Most importantly, having house plants will instantly liven up your home create the illusion of a natural environment. Last but not least, island themed accessories will give a lovely, quirky finish to the look.