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Lim Mu Hue 林木化

Lim Mu Hue’s Limited Edition Fish Series Woodcut Prints Charity Sale in Support of Singa Care Medical Fundraiser.
Only six pieces available. 

Extremely Rare Collector’s Artworks! Here are six chances to own a piece of collector’s art from Lim Mu Hue, Singapore’s first-generation artist. In support of Singa Care Medical (SCM), six of the most valuable paintings from the late artist’s collections have been donated to support the charity organisation that provides free medical care for the sick and needy. All proceeds from the sale of these artworks will be donated to Singa Care Medical.  

Mr Lim Mu Hue, with ancestry from Jieyang, Guangdong, was born in Singapore in 1936. He graduated from the faculty of Western Arts at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1955. He later returned to teach at his alma mater and was a mentor to many younger generations of artists. He was once known as a "weirdo" and "genius" by the art world. Proficient in ink, oil, and pastel paintings as well as woodcut prints, most of his works are inspired by the daily lives of ordinary folks. They represent an open-minded and positive attitude towards life. His woodcut prints show the social lifestyles of Singapore through the decades and hold meaningful historical value. Lim’s pastel fish paintings contain artistic elements from the east and west. With just a few perfectly executed strokes, he was able to bring out the soul and life of his subjects. Observing the paintings from a certain distance, one might even have thought the fish are alive and swimming. The former editor of Nanyang Siang Pau Art Edition and "Youth Paradise", Lim was also invited by the Inner Mongolia Oriental Culture Research Institute to be its Associate Professor. He was the senior researcher for the Xu Beihong Memorial Hall in Nanjing amongst other notable positions. He has held dozens of solo exhibitions and art demonstrations at home and abroad. His works are collected by art museums in the United States, Malaysia, China and other countries.