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Koeh Sia Yong 许锡勇

Koeh Sia YongBorn in 1938, he graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, major in Western Painting in 1958. Since then he has undertaken his exploration in the art world for over fifty years. Today he is one of the most outstanding Singaporean artists, known for his unique style and excellent painting techniques. Koeh has successfully held many solo exhibitions.In the 50s, Koeh was exploring Wood Block Printings, Political Cartoons and Oil Painting. His paintings usually depict the rich culture scenes of Southeast Asia and its people through his bold and unrestrained brush strokes. In the 70s, Koeh was an art editor working for children Art Magazine, a part of the Xinzhou Newspaper’s weekend issue. During the 80s, as a specially appointed graphic artist of Nanyang Business Newspaper, he produced a large number of political cartoons, magazine covers and illustrations. Koeh has lived in Bali Island, Indonesia, for years, producing numerous paintings that describe the indigenous conditions and customs of Bali. He also travelled extensively around the world in search of creative inspirations.