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Chris Yap & Team

A group of photographers, led by multi-talented artist Chris Yap, is currently exhibiting nearly 30 landscape works at homes65. These works depict scenes of Singapore through thought-provoking lenses and show extraordinary creativity and skills in both composition and post-production effects. Those who appreciate the beauty and quality of life will certainly be able to cherish such contemplative works.

With the addition of Ernest Goh and Chris Yap & his photography
team’s works, this sums up homes65's focus on originality, design and concept of bringing art to life. This is the best gift we have in store for our
customers to own or present their loved ones with these works of art during the festive season. We look forward to presenting you with more works from other talented artists in the near future so you can enjoy the most artistic lifestyle!

English Country

A rather feminine theme, floral patterns and accents are recurring elements for the English Country style. Light and soothing colours lend a balanced effect to the comforting and relaxing atmosphere of the theme. The combination of flower motif wallpaper and the right curtains can easily help you achieve this look. For most other themes, less is more. But in this case, furniture occupies most parts of the room to create a cosy ambience.

Plain or muted colours are best suited for this theme. Keeping to the same colour or not more than two colours is the key to successful execution. Choosing an accent colour for your furniture and other accessories will easily create a focal point for your home.

Furniture & Decor
Walls are usually adorned with framed paintings and pictures. Vintage mirrors and floral wreaths can be used sparingly for better effect. Candle holders, vases of fresh flowers, carpets & rugs, dark-stained chests and wooden side tables or shelves are a part of this cosy look.

Wallpapers in light colours with floral motifs or stencil effect are preferred.

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Frame windows with draped fabric, day and night curtains, and tie them back for a layered look. Blinds are a no-no for this style.